Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

Having a pet dog at your house is always a wonderful experience. They make you feel happy whenever you are at home. We need to take care of the pet dogs along with providing the food. There are also some instructions to be followed by the owner when you feed a dog. Small puppies of age from eight to twelve weeks have to be feed four times a day. The three to six months puppies are given three meals a day. The puppies of age six months to 12 months are given food two times a day. After a year age, one meal can be sufficient to the dog. Puppies have to be fed with the dog food and limit feeding the human food. There is possibility of many health issues due to the mineral and vitamin imbalances. Along with the food, providing water is also important. The utensil in which dog drinks water have to be cleaned every day and should be filled with the fresh water. Make sure the water should not contain any dust or mosquito larvae.  Drinking such unhygienic water may effect the health of your dog. If you feel that your dog is suffering from ill health, consult a veterinary doctor and use cbd for dogs for pains, anxiety, depression and so on.

Factors that decide the best CBD oil for dogs:

  • The major things to consider when you select the CBD oil is the Hemp source, type of extracts , potency , lab results, price, size variations, brand transparency, customer service, company policies.
  • The most important feature is the hemp source. Growing the plants with pesticides may also have high chances of presence of pesticides in the CBD oil. It should be free from the pesticides and heavy metals that would cause harm to the dog health. So, the hemp grown without using pesticides have to be selected as the source by the companies.
  • The potency of the CBD oils is also very important. You have to check the potency before you buy the product. The potency is labelled in milligrams.This determines the strength of the oil. The higher milligrams value denotes the stronger dosage. Many dogs also provide the CBD oils based on the dog breeds. The potency of the CBD oil can be categorized into the oils for small, medium and large sized dogs.


Consider these points before you purchase the CBD oil for better health of your dog.

By Gibson