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This weekend, from 25th to 27th november, Sala Becket will host the first Movistar Simbiòtic Festival, a multidisciplinar appointment pioneer in Spain which expects propeling the creation of stage arts productions adapted to people with sensorial diversity. 

The origin of the festival is the final project of four students of Cultural Management postgradute of Univeristy of Barcelona which has won the Movistar Artsy 2016, a platform of cultural sponsorhip to promote the entrepreneurship. 

(Source: Diari ARA) 




Mikel Olaricegui and Vicente Mozo, directors of the DocumentaMadrid festival, dedicated to documentary cinema, presented last tuesday night their resignation through a statement. In the announcement they explained that they dont' feel "able to garantee the same quality level" which the festival has always had, after the sustition of the team which they have been working with the last four years for Madrid Destino's staff, the municipal culural management company. 

(Source: El País)  


FestiMapp has 68 film festivals registered in the Comunidad Valenciana, an amount which is a 15% higher than in 2014, and encourages the creation of a coordinator which gathers them. 

"The tendency is to grow" explained Eduardo Guillot during the presentation of the FestiMapp report, the cinema festivals map of the Comunidad Valenciana.

(Source: El Mundo) 


'Cortapega', the microfestival of electronic music organized by Desconcierto Cultural, will celebrate a new edition the 25th november with the british Sunny Graves, the asturian BassBoss and the galicians Pálida and Pantis. 

With this third edition in less than one year, the festival consolidates itself "as one of the biggests bets of the electronic music in Galicia", as the organizers explain. 



The Provincial Government of Castellón is going to open its line of sponsorship of big festivals from de province to promoters from all over Europe, through the brand, Castellón, Land of festivals, with the aim of consolidate this strategic touristic sector. 

(Source: El Periódico Mediterráneo) 


The calendar dependence on public grants concentrates the most part of cinephil appointments in autumn. It's the keens of films Trinitat's knot. In november the proliferation of film festivals in Catalunya reaches a critical level which provocates a blockage in the calendar. This weekend nine exhibitions or festivals will coincide in the catalan territory: The Exhibition of Arabic Cinema, the Casa Àsia Film Fest, the Memorimage, the Choreoscope Film and Dance festival, the Mountain Film Festival of Torelló, the Most Festival, the Terror Festival of Molins de Rei, the CineBaix and My First Festival. 

(Source: Diari ARA)

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