Arts de Carrer: a festivals and fairs platform about street art from Catalonia

On 4th July of 2014 in Viladecans inside the professionals sessions of the Al Carrer festival, was presented to the public the online platform Arts de Carrer with the main objective of bringing together in one roof the festivals, fairs and exhibitions that have the street as principal spaced of his exhibition in Catalonia. Fear to visualize and communicate of joint form the scenic offer and in a future to promote agreements of mobility of companies, forming alliances between different artistic directions and of the new spectacles productions, crating incorporation, flexibility and collaboration inside the sector. Currently the platform is attached within the la Fira Tàrrega, Fira Mediterrània from Manresa, Trapezi - Fira del Circ from Reus, Fira de Circ Al Carrer from Bisbal de l'Empordà, the Festival Sismògraf d'Olot, Lluèrnia - Circ a les Places d'Olot, el Festival Esbaiola't d'Esterri d'Àneu and the Festival Internacional de Teatre d'Animació Al Carrer from Vildecans although it is opened for those scenic events that they want to adhere with the only requirement that the programming is based on the streets arts. (Source:

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