A complaint with recordings draws the mayor of Gandia by "scam" to a festival

The relationship of the new City of Gandia with one of its star festivals, SanSan, which drew about 40,000 people to the town of Safor in its first two editions, will end up in court. One of the event organizers indie, Santiago Alvarez, will present in the coming days to the prosecutor a complaint against the mayor, Diana Morant, the coordinator of the public company Iniciatives Publiques de Gandia (IPG), Antoni Josep Deusa, responsible for facilities and Sports activities and Lydia Morant, Councillor for Sports, which are accused of negligent breach of trust, fraud and omisión.En the text, which has had access to this newspaper, the organizer of the festival recounts the "pressures" and "deception" that she endured by municipal heads to launch the festival in its third edition.

(Source: elmundo.es)

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