The Nowa Reggae moves to Parc de Ribes Roges in Vilanova

The Nowa Reggae festival finally held in the Parc de Ribes Roges in Vilanova. The organizers have confirmed this new place to play beach after the City Council vetoed the use of enclosure Moli de Mar. The government took this decision following the judgment of the TSJC which gave reason to neighbors who reported annually a festival that prevented authorizing them to rest. Still, the organizers were satisfied with the new location because "the festival keeps the waterfront, which is part of its essence." Within the enclosure of Ribes Roges, the Nowa Reggae be held in an area of 11,000 square meters, which include sports courts and much of the gardens, and allow them to expand the capacity to almost 2,000 people. (Source: La Vanguardia)

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