Call for application of the CASA program "Explore the Circus and Street Arts in another country"

The program CASA, disigned by five european cultural organizations: MiramirO (Belgium), SirkusInfo FInland (Finland) Cirqueon (Czech Republic), FiraTàrrega (Spain) and Subtopia (Sweden) organize the call "Explore the Circus and Street Arts in another country”. A 7 day trip in one of the partner countries of the project, along with 9 other professionals of different nationalities, exploring the local cultural reality. Making a tour to visit festivals, residence centers, production, training ... The expedition of the call aims to open new horizons in terms of work opportunities and inspire participants with innovative approaches. CASA will responsible for the travel, transportation, accommodation, allowances and tickets to performances of the selected participants. The deadline for application will be February 1st of 2016. (Source: FiraTàrrega)

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