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Among the performing arts fairs in Spanish territory, the FITEC, already has a verifiable track record that gives a particular place. It is organized by the company Destellos Theatre, which owns the image rights and intellectual Festival.

Web Destellos Theatre

From the outset the FITEC has grown and matured. Today occupies a very representative place in the range of festivals and fairs and national vital for companies of Performing Arts in our country, and is also a festival of reference very interesting for foreign companies, especially those in the Community European Economic.

The FITEC takes place in the streets, squares and open spaces of the city, where it joins the man in his daily transit along the pedestrian area of ​​the city. These are the places where he spent the main action of the Festival, which establishes the necessary labor codes, valid to make it Exhibition of the entertainment industry, mainly in open spaces, or what is the same, in the natural environment of coexistence human, where the objectives are clearly marked on the idea of ​​promoting this fair called FITEC, creating one hand to link learning and development between art and artist-citizen-viewer within their natural environment.

Culture is the first recipient, albeit indirect, of the crisis at the expense of other social priorities, and even more in times of recession, looking like diminished attention. In FITEC we not cease ask every year in search of new ideas in the world of performing arts located in areas where conventional architecture is broken, bringing people to an everyday architecture that can be used, molded, transformed... A city must bring its infrastructure and public spaces between all citizens to build city and citizens, sustainable city.

Our main intention is to articulate the necessary space for the encounter between artists from theater, circus, dance and music; and that it is both cultural agents and representatives and the world of marketing, entertainment and events, so that together they can link their efforts on common projects in a simple but effective yet competitive, and thus generate wealth in a sector severely strained today by the crisis.

It is likewise clear criteria and marking from Festival, the artists suggest creating new and to show themselves in the FITEC, endeavor in which jobs are marked ideas, experiments and conclusions of 16 years experience of Art in the street... in the open spaces.

Creations and rescue work direct communication with the pedestrian, the walker, the wayfarer, also with the passenger or user of public spaces, the person who is the artistic proposal, and can react to it as his most immediate emotion you dictates. Pure Performance, the "unusual events" with which bursts into everyday life.

Since a few years ago, young groups and new creators have made calls over the Internet with great success, the most striking occurred in the City of New York, which has brought together over 500 people in different types of performance - FLASHMOB ; There are new proposals to invade public transport where the traveler takes a certain time in your life inviting him to leave the everyday, transform it into an artistic experience, are finding touches of art in times and places where the everyday becomes outstanding, and where the viewer is witness to excellence of a work dedicated to them.

We need to continue with the enthusiasm and dedication with which we approach each year the organization of the Festival - Fair - Party. When an event of this nature is part of a people it can not be broken without more if modified and adapted to the evolution of time, and this is what happens when after 17 editions of artistic activity in urban space, it causes critical attitude, personal growth of the spectators, who are faced with an event they consider theirs. We are aware that we are part of that personal growth, providing artistic references, providing them with greater insight and sensitivity to beauty in a time when social reality travels at breakneck speed, where values ​​are confused very easily, in which replaces the urgent important, where the ability to surprise people has been diminished by a reality of frenetic changes.


The festival has not yet introduced programming data.
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