Festival Internacional de Música i Dansa de Les Preses
22/08/2016 - 28/08/2016
Les Preses

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*An established trajectory / Along the time, Ésdansa, El Festival Internacional de Música i Dansa de Les Preses, has been consolidated as one of the most important event in Catalonia of traditional dance. The festival has a great infrastructure and quality shows. Ésdansa, between spectators, artists and organization, moves more of 10.000 people. *A young and dynamic organization with a long experience / The event counts with a young and dynamic organization who with the passage of the years has been acquiring one long experience that has allowed him to throw ahead and to renew year after year. It is therefore that in 2002 the Festival Internacional de Música i Dansa de Les Preses became in Ésdansa, a bet by the innovation and the renovation in the field of the traditional dance through eight axes of work: creation, heritage, cultural interchange, projection, participation, formation, social cohesion and economic revitalization. *A municipality that bets for the festival / Every year Ésdansa become in a great party of traditional culture. And with the festival, the village of Les Preses lives, every month of August, one event that brings the name of la Garrotxa around the world. Ésdansa is music and traditional dance, and also cultural interchange, participation, great shows and tradition.

The festival has not yet introduced programming data.
Address: C/ La Fageda, s/n 17178 Les Preses
Phone number: 972693485
Phone number 2: 972692170
E-mail: info@esdansa.cat
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