25/06/2015 - 04/07/2015
Castilla - La Mancha

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Following the launch in 2012 of ESTIVAL Cuenca, a music festival focused on jazz and world music, understood in a very broad way, and after the positive evaluation of its first two editions, this cycle has already managed to achieve one of the main goals it set in its initial program. Thus, humility, prudence, rigor and addressing the complex situation, aims to look at the calendar and in the cultural life of the city of Cuenca and become a musical and cultural initiative at the provincial, regional and national level high as possible. First, include the notorious public success, more than three hundred daily viewers, which ESTIVAL enjoyed in the summer of 2012 In 2013 this figure was increased in stressed and some quotes. Of the initial four rounds he spent eight days. Mention must also be made ​​a scoop and the remarkable track that had its blog, with about twenty thousand visitors, and accounts on Facebook and Twitter, also very straight. Do not forget the good impression left by the concerts and educational and artistic activities were witnessed in different parts of the city of Cuenca, many of them of high quality. Therefore, we will try to highlight SUMMER 2014 previous good feelings and prolonged, project and multiply. SUMMER Cuenca named first of the season in which it develops, the summer, and of course, the place in which it occurs. The first edition was held from Thursday 26 to Saturday 29, 2014 The second was from June 28 to July 6, 2013. Musically, I had to jazz, one of the genres most important in the history of twentieth-century music and XXI, will star music, although ESTIVAL music in general and jazz in particular are understood very broadly . Thus, the only stylistic border is marked by the quality and imagination. Thus, world music, folk music, flamenco or music took root among many other styles and subgenres, can fit into a program that claims to have its own personality; Also, wherever possible, grow over the years. Similarly, does not discriminate between arts, so gastronomy, cinema, theater, photography, installations and other evidence can and should be accommodated in its programming. In July 2012, the date of its first edition, had as its slogan 'Live Cuenca. Come to Cuenca. Enjoy Summer '. In the second, 'Choose to go'. Intended, as said Ramón Gómez de la Serna, underline the sentence that says that "the intent of jazz is to get the world to the surface." It is, first of Cuenca can enjoy innovative proposals to supplement and broaden its cultural offerings in summer. He also goes to all those visitors who come or might be interested in the festival. Thus, ESTIVAL Cuenca Cuenca is intended for the public in the first place. Potential in this statement be integrated, and a priori first place, musicians, performers, students, music lovers, hipsters and music in general. But it also goes to all those music lovers from other locations Cuenca, Castilian-La Mancha or other places near and far. In addition to its musical offerings, do not forget that summer is a great time to enjoy your museology, cultural, monumental, museological, gourmet, natural and musical city and province wealth.

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