Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

Translation Company work as a talent agency because they need the most experienced, professional translators in various languages, industries and subject matters to assign them to specific projects. The translators’ experience in different sectors is crucial when selecting the right resource for each project.

Advantages of working with a translation company

Translation companies work with the best translators.

A qualified translator gets across the words and the tone and meaning of the document and written work. Language-communication is complex, and a certified translator should accurately translate the content. A good translation, coupled with editing and proofreading processes, produce excellent translation results.

Freelance translators can be hard to find and vet for somebody not used to deal with this type of professionals. But translation agency such as Global Arena have strict requirements when onboarding their professional resources. For example, Global Arena has an extensive roster of qualified and vetted translators, editors and proofreaders for many languages and subject matters. All of our translators, editors and proofreaders can demonstrate their proficiency in the languages they translate. When you hire our translation company, you can access a whole team of translators, editors and proofreaders with extensive experience in your subject matter. This equates to faster turnaround times, so you never miss a deadline.

About Rates Charged By Translation Companies

  • Agencies offer translation + editing or proofreading by another translator, which increases the price.
  • These high rates are for what’s called “new words”. Simultaneously, there will be “repeated words” in every project or article, which many providers offer at a discounted rate for translation memory technology.
  • Agencies may do work in addition to translation itself, such as: create style guides and termbases, localization of engineering, DTP, testing, and many others. This is rolled into the per-word rates, sometimes.
  • Short, urgent and technical or creative texts usually call for higher rates, while simple, long and not urgent ones are cheaper.
  • Agencies are businesses, so they add a profit margin to the rates they pay to translators.

The translation/localization market is enormous and getting bigger each year. There’s a pile of money to earn, which attracts professional providers and unscrupulous players who are either outright cheating or just economical with the truth.

By Gibson